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Acrylonitrile is a kind of colorless transparent oily liquid, Molecular formula: C3H3N, Structural formula: CH2=CH—CN, bitter almond, slightly soluble in water, soluble in common organic solvents. May happen burning explosion if meet flame, high temperature and oxidant; its vapor and air can form explosive mixture.

Acrylonitrile is a public basic organic chemical product, is the basic and important raw material of three major synthetic materials---synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and plastic; the main downstream products include acrylic fiber, nitrile rubber and ABS resin, etc. The consumption of acrylic fiber is accounting for 44% of total quantity of Acrylonitrile. In addition, Acrylonitrile can be used in the production of acrylic ester in alcoholysis; moreover, Acrylonitrile can be hydrolyzed and used in the production of acrylamide or adiponitrile in electrolytic method, etc. At present, Acrylonitrile is getting more and more popular in the industry of organic synthesis, and become an important fine chemical intermediate.

The annual output of our company is 8,000 t/a. 

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